Olivier and Laurent introduce us to the .NET nanoFramework.

As its name indicates the nanoFramwork is a tuned down version of the .NET runtime (and tools) adapted and optimized for running on microcontrollers (MCUs).

With it, .NET developers can apply their skills and favorite language to coding for IoT devices.

Jim Bennett joins Olivier Bloch to tell us all about IoT for beginners, a new 12 week, 24 lesson curriculum that we have built to get University high school students ready for the fast-growing world of IoT.

Customers are increasingly using sensors to collect data and use that to make critical business decisions. The quality of data drives the quality of decision and outcome.

Verified Telemetry is a new capability offered as part of the Azure Edge offerings enabling customers to retro-fit the ability of measuring sensors condition, continuously, alongside the data, and do this with no hardware changes.

Learn how to apply a hierarchy of nested Edge devices at scale to an ISA-95 industrial network using best practices and Azure IoT services.

In this video, watch a short demo using a physical 3-tier gateway setup showcasing how to address, control and manage the different layers of the Nested Edge environment through the cloud, how to deploy a configuration to deployed devices and what happens if a device loses network connection.

Learn more reading the blog post at https://aka.ms/iotshow/NestedEdgeInIIoT

How do you update IoT devices that are disconnected in a hierarchy of IoT Edge devices, like you would see in an Industrial IoT environment with an ISA-95 network?

Device Update for IoT Hub and Microsoft Connected Cache preview IoT Edge module enables update for devices that are disconnected at any level of a hierarchy of IoT devices. We’ll demonstrate update of an Ubuntu package and a RP3 image on disconnected devices in a hierarchy.

Azure IoT Edge devices can now be nested to securely collect data across networks organized in hierarchical layers. Industrial customers commonly use layered networks to isolate and secure their most critical assets, as recommended by the ISA-95 standard.

With this new IoT Edge capability, customers can quickly overcome the challenges of collecting data from each layer and gain local insights to help reduce unplanned downtime, increase equipment efficiency, and reduce product defects while fully complying with strict industry standards.

Learn more at https://aka.ms/iotshow/IoTEdgeForIIot

Putting together a demo or a simple proof of concept for your Vision AI at the edge project has become pretty simple. But bringing this project to pilot then to production can be daunting.

Mahesh Yadav joins Olivier on this new episode to introduce the open source project VisionOnEdge which gives you all you need to rapidly get your project to a production ready state.

Learn more reading Mahesh’s blog post at aka.ms/iotshow/VisionOnEdge