A Beginner’s Guide to OLAP Modeling: Cubes

Learn what a cube is, what they’re made of, and how you can use cubes in OLAP modelling. 

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Data Warehouse Databricks

Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) Type 2

Databricks recently streamed this tech chat on SCD, or Slowly Changing Dimensions. We will discuss a popular online analytics processing (OLAP) fundamental – slowly changing dimensions (SCD) – specifically Type-2. As we have discussed in various other Delta Lake tech talks, the reliability brought to data lakes by Delta Lake has brought a resurgence of […]

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Big Data CosmosDB Spark

Real-time Analytics with Azure Cosmos DB and Apache Spark

In this session from Build 2019, learn how to use the new Spark API feature integration that allows Spark to fully take advantage of Cosmos DB to run real-time analytics directly on petabytes of operational data.

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