Azure Developer

Adding Some Swagger to OData

Swagger and the OpenAPI specification  the manual work out of API documentation and make it easier for developers to share their APIs with the wold. In this video, Hassan Habib is back again with Jeremy to talk about Swagger support in the latest version of the OData package for ASP.NET Core. Index: [01:08] – The […]

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Azure CosmosDB

Getting Started with OData and Cosmos DB in ASP.NET Core

Hassan and Jeremy are back to exploring using OData with Cosmos DB. They walk through creating a new Cosmos DB instance, download the generated sample and show to to add OData functionality to an API. Useful Links Optimizing Web Applications with OData $Select Integrating Cosmos DB with OData (Part 1) OData for .NET Documentation

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Developer Microsoft

Blazor and Customizing the OData entity model

In a follow up to a previous episode on Supercharging your Web APIs with OData and ASP.NET Core, Hassan is back with Jeremy to talk about how to customize the OData entity model to enable using OData with any data source. Learn more aka.ms/odata-blazor Useful Links Demo on GitHub Simplifying the EDM with Data Supercharging […]

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