nvidia omniverse

Hardware Virtual Reality

NVIDIA Special Address at SIGGRAPH 2022

Join NVIDIA’s CEO and senior leaders to get a glimpse into the future of AI-infused virtual worlds. Discover how NVIDIA Omniverse closes the gap between physical and virtual worlds. See NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) in action, and how it helps users easily build and customize virtual assistants and digital humans. And learn how […]

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AI Virtual Reality

NVIDIA’s New AI Grows Objects Out Of Nothing!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Extracting Triangular 3D Models, Materials, and Lighting From Images.” I can only imagine what this will do for the Metaverse.

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AI Robotics

NVIDIA’s Robot AI Finally Enters The Real World! 🤖

While separate disciplines, Robotics and AI go together like peanut butter and jelly. Two Minute Papers examines the paper “CLIPort: What and Where Pathways for Robotic Manipulation” in the following video.

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