Nuclear Physics


Climate Scientist Boasts About Fudging Own Paper

Sabine Hossenfelder talks about a bubble of galaxies, a climate scientist who made his own paper worse, double magic oxygen, a chemical reaction slowed down 100 billion times, Maxwell’s demon in biology, intelligent life on earth, the launch of a new X-ray space mission, drone racing, and of course the telephone will ring.

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Future Space

This New Nuclear Battery Could Power Deep Space Missions for Decades

Seeker explains how a new kind of nuclear battery could power missions into deep space. In April of 2020, NASA researchers announced they had come up with a new approach to fusion that has the potential to power missions into deep space, and maybe even future laptops here on Earth. This is really exciting news […]

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Science TensorFlow

TensorFlow and Nuclear Physics

Find out how does TensorFlow applies to nuclear physics in this episode of TensorFlow Meets, as Laurence chats with TensorFlow Software Engineer, Ian Langmore. Learn about power generated from nuclear fusion, new plasma generator machines, and how TensorFlow is helping with plasma measurement. Subscribe to the TensorFlow channel to stay up to date with Google’s open […]

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