Are YOU Ready for the INTERNET? Video clip in 1994

Watching this video reveals the optimism around the internet in the mid 90s. Who knew that we’d end up using the technology to argue with strangers and share pictures of cats. Kate Bellingham reports that an exciting new interconnected world – a world where every word ever written, every picture ever painted and ever film […]

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Omni Magazine Nostalgia Revisited

In today’s livestream, I wax nostalgic about Omni Magazine and its outsize impact on my life.

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Hardware Mobile

A Look Back at the UMPC

Once upon a time (around 14 years ago), I was a Tablet PC developer, MVP, and all around fan boy. In other words, I was into tablets before they were cool. Indeed, I was in to tablets before they were practical. And this review by RetroManCave of a Azus R2H UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) indicates […]

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