Noelle LaCharite

AI Speech and Voice

Demoing Custom Speech and Language Pre-built AI Models

Noelle shares this demo from the VOICE Summit showing off Custom Speech and Custom Language Pre-built AI Models

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AI Developer

Five Ways You Can Infuse AI into Your Applications

This week Five Things sits down with Noelle LaCharite from the Microsoft Cognitive Services team to learn how machines can translate language, perform search on unstructured data, converse like humans and more. Best of all, you can add these cutting edge features to your applications right away; no degree in multi-dimensional calculus required. Related Links: […]

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A Closer Look at Intelligent Retail

Get ideas about how to build engaging conversational applications using this fun retail example that leverages services from across Microsoft.

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Azure Computer Vision Natural Language Processing

Cognitive Services: Learn by Doing

Understanding the wide variety of sample projects that teach you how to use Cognitive Services GitHub Samples here Studybot (development credit to Winona Azure): AI School at Microsoft: AI Gallery at Microsoft: AI Lab:

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AI Containers

Using Cognitive Services in Containers

In this video, Noelle LaCharite talks about the new capability that allows developers to deploy some of our cognitive services as containers! Process data in the cloud or on device at the edge, the choice is yours! Announcement: Technical Blog post: NEW LUIS in Containers:

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AI Azure

One Key to Rule Them All – Cognitive Services Anyway

In this video, Noelle La Charite talks about the work we are doing to simplify the use of Cognitive Services in your applications. Now you can have a single key, which eliminates having to reference and manage many keys per service for a single application. Head on over to the Azure Portal:

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AI Computer Vision

Introduction to the Intelligent Kiosk

One of the great sample apps that show off the art of the possible is the Intelligent Kiosk sample application. In this video, Noelle LaCharite shows how to use this sample application to learn cognitive services and test applications that you are infusing with AI.

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Announcing Microsoft AI for Accessibility

Here is some interesting details on the AI for Accessibility initiative. If you, or someone you know, are building a solution for this community, there is now a unique opportunity to get help, Azure services or funding to support your work.

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AI Azure Computer Vision

Computer Vision Object Detection with Cognitive Services

The AI Show has just uploaded a new episode that takes a quick tour of computer vision and see an example of how to use the Custom Vision service, object detection model to solve a fun use case.  

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AI Natural Language Processing

Build a Bot in Minutes with QnA Maker

In this video, Noelle LaCharite explores how quick and easy it is to create a chatbot using QnA Maker that can answer top-of-mind questions for employees or customers.

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