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Start a Microservice by Building a Simple Node js App From Scratch

Excerpt/demo from Ashley Davis’s book Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform About the book: In Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform, author Ashley Davis lays out a comprehensive approach to building microservices. You’ll start with a simple design and work layer-by-layer until you’ve created your own video streaming application. As you go, you’ll […]

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Building the Cosmos Bookstore app – Part 3: Regex, Aggregation pipeline, and request charges

Part 3 of the app development series in which we walk through the backend functionalities of a demo app called “Cosmos Bookstore”. The app uses React for the frontend layer; Node.JS and Express for the backend layer; and Azure Cosmos DB (with API for MongoDB) as the database.

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Learn Docker in 7 Easy Steps

Here’s a complete introduction to Docker. Index: 00:00 What is Docker? 01:54 Installation & Tooling 02:40 Dockerfile 06:06 Build an Image 07:12 Run a Container 08:52 Debugging 09:35 Docker Compose

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Electron JS in 100 Seconds

Fireship explains  what Electron is, who’s using it, and why it’s a big deal.

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Graphql Accelerated

GraphQL is a query language that is rapidly gaining wide adoption across the community. It combines type validation with a query and filtering syntax that makes it easy to get up-and-running with a powerful web API in almost no time. Features like running parallel queries or update-all become much easier because they are first-class citizens […]

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Build a Desktop App with Electron

Here’s a complete beginner’s tutorial for Electron JS along with an overview of its pros and cons. In about 10 minutes, learn how to build a desktop screen recorder from scratch with JavaScript that is installable on Mac, Windows, or Linux.

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Web Scraping with NodeJS

Once upon a time, I wrote a Windows UWP/Windows Phone utility kit for screen scraping data. This was the topic for my first MSDN article ever! Here’s a an updated take on screen scraping done in NodeJS.

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Deploying Node.js Applications from VS Code to Kubernetes

Brendan Burns joins Donovan Brown to discuss how you can quickly and easily build a containerized Node.js app on Linux and deploy it to Azure Kubernetes Service using Visual Studio Code and the Visual Studio Code Kubernetes Extension.

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NodeJS is Everywhere

A new full stack is emerging that includes the traditional web frontend and cloud platform backend, but also includes mobile phones and tablets, API services, desktop, and IoT. Developers are tasked to build and manage one application that has to manage all of these diverse platforms. The program environment of choice for the modern full […]

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