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AI Large Language Models

GPT-4: Mind-Blowing Insights and Disappointments 😭

In this video Anastasi In Tech shares her insights on GPT-4. The paper “GPT-4 Technical Report”:

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AI Hardware

This AI Learned to Design Computer Chips

Anastasi In Tech discusses how a new AI which learns to design Computer Chips by itself!

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AI Natural Language Processing Research

This New ChatGPT Competitor is Amazing !

Anastasi In Tech discuss New ChatGPT rival Claude developed by startup Anthropic AI

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AI Research

New Research Suggests to Put AI to Sleep

Anastasia In Tech discusses a new research paper which suggest a new way to cope with catastrophic forgetting in Artificial Intelligence

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AI Generative AI Natural Language Processing

New ChatGPT: Unbelievable AI Progress !

In this video, Anastasia discusses the new GPT chatbot developed by OpenAI. On the flight back from re:Invent, I had a chance to play with it and, I’m impressed.

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