Motion Capture

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New AI Makes You Play Table Tennis In a Virtual World

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “TransPose: Real-time 3D Human Translation and Pose Estimation with Six Inertial Sensors”┬áin this video.

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Video Production Virtual Reality

Setting Up an Indie Vicon MOCAP Studio

Here’s a video production technique that has implications for the metaverse. This week I’ve massively upgraded my indie virtual production studio to have a Vicon Optical Motion Capture system. You can think of this as a VERY high end Steam VR system for tracking humans, props, and cameras. My first goal is to get the […]

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Mapping 3D Models from Video with Machine Vision

In this video, Siraj Raval talks about the technology behind Human Pose Estimation. This technology can, among other things, convert humans depicted in video to 3D models. Think of what this means for motion capture.

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