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AI Ethics

Peter Singer on Suffering in Humans, Animals, and AI

Lex Fridman interviews Peter Singer in this enlightening episode of his podcast. Peter Singer is a professor of bioethics at Princeton, best known for his 1975 book Animal Liberation, that makes an ethical case against eating meat. He has written brilliantly from an ethical perspective on extreme poverty, euthanasia, human genetic selection, sports doping, the […]

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Matt Botvinick on Neuroscience, Psychology, and AI at DeepMind

Lex Fridman interviews Matt Botvinick in this latest episode of his podcast. Matt Botvinick is the Director of Neuroscience Research at DeepMind. He is a brilliant cross-disciplinary mind navigating effortlessly between cognitive psychology, computational neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. Content outline: 0:00 – Introduction 3:29 – How […]

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AI Future Robotics

Lex Fridman Interviews Ben Goertzel About Artificial General Intelligence

Lex Fridman interviews Ben Goertzel in episode 103 of his AI podcast. Ben Goertzel is one of the most interesting minds in the artificial intelligence community. He is the founder of SingularityNET, designer of OpenCog AI framework, formerly a director of research at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, the company […]

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AI Philosophy Fridays

Joscha Bach on Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality

Lex Fridman interviews Joscha Bach. Joscha Bach is the VP of Research at the AI Foundation, previously doing research at MIT and Harvard. Joscha work explores the workings of the human mind, intelligence, consciousness, life on Earth, and the possibly-simulated fabric of our universe. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. Content index: […]

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Podcasts Science

Lex Friedman Interviews his Father, Alexander Fridman a Plasma Physicist

Lex Fridman Alexander Fridman is a professor at Drexel University and the director of the Nyheim Plasma Institute. He is one of the top plasma physicists and plasma chemists in the world. And most importantly to me, he is my dad. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. Content index: 0:00 – Introduction […]

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AI Robotics

Kate Darling on Social Robotics

Lex Fridman interviews Kate Darling in this episode of the AI Show. Kate Darling is a researcher at MIT, interested in social robotics, robot ethics, and generally how technology intersects with society. She explores the emotional connection between human beings and life-like machines, which for me, is one of the most exciting topics in all […]

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AI Deep Learning

Ilya Sutskever on Deep Learning

Lex Fridman interviews Ilya Sutskever. co-founder of OpenAI. Ilya Sutskever is the co-founder of OpenAI, is one of the most cited computer scientist in history with over 165,000 citations, and to me, is one of the most brilliant and insightful minds ever in the field of deep learning. There are very few people in this […]

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Daphne Koller on Biomedicine and Machine Learning

Lex Fridman interviews Daphne Koller, a professor of computer science at Stanford University, a co-founder of Coursera with Andrew Ng and Founder and CEO of insitro, a company at the intersection of machine learning and biomedicine. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. Time index: 0:00 – Introduction 2:22 – Will we one […]

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AI Science

Harry Cliff on Particle Physics and the Large Hadron Collider

Lex Fridman interviews Harry Cliff in the latest episode of his podcast. Harry Cliff is a particle physicist at the University of Cambridge working on the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment that specializes in searching for hints of new particles and forces by studying a type of particle called the “beauty quark”, or “b quark”. […]

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AI Covid Pandemic

Dmitry Korkin on the Computational Biology of Coronavirus

Lex Fridman interviews Dmitry Korkin on the latest episode of his podcast. Dmitry Korkin is a professor of bioinformatics and computational biology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he specializes in bioinformatics of complex disease, computational genomics, systems biology, and biomedical data analytics. I came across Dmitry’s work when in February his group used the viral […]

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