Computer Vision

Next-Generation Computer Vision Capabilities with Florence

Adina Trufinescu joins Seth today to introduce Introduce Azure Cognitive Service for Vision and the next-generation Computer Vision Capabilities with Florence and walk us through some of the new features! Resources:

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AI Natural Language Processing

What’s new with Microsoft Translator

The Translator Cognitive Service has gotten new feature that  are sure to delight and excite developers With this new feature, developers can intelligently translate documents (supporting a variety of file types) in batch.

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Azure Computer Vision

What’s new with Image Captioning?

Learn about the latest research breakthrough in Image captioning and latest updates in Azure Computer Vision 3.0 API.

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Azure Natural Language Processing

What’s New in Text Analytics

Learn about the recently launched Opinion Mining and Async offerings of Text Analytics. From the video description: In the first half, we will discuss how Opinion Mining (an extension of Sentiment Analysis) helps explore customers’ perception of aspects/opinions, such as specific attributes of products or services, in text. In the second half, we will learn […]

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Natural Language Processing

Text Analytics for Health

Text Analytics for health is a preview feature of Text Analytics which enables developers to process and extract insights from unstructured clinical and biomedical text. Through a single API call, using NLP techniques such as named entity recognition, entity linking, relation extraction and entity negation, Text Analytics can extract critical and relevant medical information without […]

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Data Science Machine Learning R

Reproducible Data Science with Machine Learning

Rafal Lukawiecki has been actively working in data science, machine learning, and data mining for well over a decade, and he has formally studied and used artificial intelligence long before it was popular, back in the great AI Winter. Watch this episode to find out how he organizes his reproducible workflow.

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Microsoft Natural Language Processing

How Language Understanding enables Voice Commands in Word Dictation

Dictation in productivity apps such as Word empower people to conquer the blank page. Dictating is a fast and easy way to get your thoughts on the page during brainstorming, outlining, and authoring content. Office voice commanding is the next step to make dictation more powerful. Using AI powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services, Microsoft 365 […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

New Reinforcement Learning Methods to Improve AI in Gaming and Beyond

This episode of the AI show covers reinforcement learning – an AI approach that is especially promising for training naturally behaving game characters with nuanced reactions to human players. Jump To: [00:50] What is reinforcement learning[02:26] Project Malmo – Minecraft as a platform for AI research[05:00] Project Paidia: towards RL agents that learn to collaborate […]

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AI Azure

Automated Machine Learning on Azure

In this video, you will see what Automated Machine Learning is and how you can use it to solve machine learning problems. We also go through a demo to solve a banking problem starting from a dataset to deploying models to production, all without a single line of code.

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Computer Vision Microsoft

Computer Vision for Spatial Analysis

Computer Vision is an Azure Cognitive Service which runs vision AI on images, and is a new feature of the Computer Vision service. It runs Vision AI on live and recorded video streams to understand people’s movement in physical spaces. Learn More: Computer Vision Doc

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