Microsoft Research

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists

This talk by Microsoft Research on Quantum Computing for computer scientists, is hands down the best presentation on what quantum computing means for software engineers.

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Podcasts Reinforcement Learning

Provably Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Dr. Akshay Krishnamurthy

MSR’s New York City lab is home to some of the best reinforcement learning research on the planet but if you ask any of the researchers, they’ll tell you they’re very interested in getting it out of the lab and into the real world. One of those researchers is Dr. Akshay Krishnamurthy and today, he […]

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Harvesting Randomness, HAIbrid Algorithms and Safe AI with Dr. Siddhartha Sen

Microsoft Research has released this podcast on Harvesting Randomness, HAIbrid Algorithms and Safe AI. Dr. Siddhartha Sen is a Principal Researcher in MSR’s New York City lab, and his research interests are, if not impossible, at least impossible sounding: optimal decision making, universal data structures, and verifiably safe AI. Today, he tells us how he’s […]

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Interesting Microsoft

Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder

Author and philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb delivered a talk at Microsoft Research about how to gain from disorder and chaos, while being protected from fragilities and adverse events. Taleb argues that many things in life benefit from stress, disorder, volatility, and turmoil. What he calls the antifragile is actually beyond the robust, because it benefits […]

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Data Future Microsoft

Microsoft’s Plan to Store Data for 10,000 years

Microsoft’s Project Silica aims to show that glass is the future of long-term data storage. To prove its usefulness outside the lab, Microsoft partnered with Warner Bros. to write the 1978 Superman film into glass with lasers. To see the whole process and the Superman glass, CNET visited Microsoft’s Research Lab in Cambridge, England and […]

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AI Ethics Microsoft

Fireside Chat with Anca Dragan

Microsoft Research just posted this Fireside Chat with Anca Dragan and Eric Horvitz.

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AI DevOps

ONNX and ONNX Runtime

What is the universal inference engine for neural networks? Microsoft Research just posted this video exploring ONNX. Tensorflow? PyTorch? Keras? There are many popular frameworks out there for working with Deep Learning and ML models, each with their pros and cons for practical usability for product development and/or research. Once you decide what to use […]

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Principles of Intelligence Session 1: Learning, decisions, and intelligence

Here’s a great video from Microsoft Research Principles of Intelligence: A Celebration of Colleagues and Collaboration was a fun, once-in-a-lifetime gathering in celebration of colleagues and collaborations on Eric Horvitz’ milestone birthday. The event included short talks from Eric’s beloved colleagues and collaborators from over the decades—with the goal of celebrating their ideas, collaborations, and […]

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AI Security

Adversarial Machine Learning

Microsoft Research just posted this video on adversarial machine learning. As ML is being used for increasingly security sensitive applications and is trained in increasingly unreliable data, the ability for learning algorithms to tolerate worst-case noise has become more and more important. The reliability of machine learning systems in the presence of adversarial noise has […]

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AI Research

Towards Grounded Spatio-Temporal Reasoning

Microsoft Research has posted this interesting video: To develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can understand the world around us, it needs to be able to interpret and reason about the world we see and the language we speak. In recent years, there has been a lot of attention to research at the intersection […]

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