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AI Research

Research talk: Maia Chess: A human-like neural network chess engine

Reid McIlroy-Young, PhD Student, University of Toronto delivers this talk about a uman-like neural network chess Even when machine learning surpasses human ability in a domain, there are many reasons why AI systems that capture human-like behavior would be desirable. For example, humans may want to learn and collaborate, or humans may need to interact […]

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Microsoft Privacy Security

The Future of Privacy and Security

Robert Sim, Principal Research Manager, Microsoft Research Redmond talks about the future of privacy and security. Security and privacy are key components to building trust in the technologies that we use, whether that be for applications for individuals, businesses, or in government. As new challenges and threats emerge in this area, we need to rely […]

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Economics of AI Interesting Research

Industrial Research in the 21st Century

Peter Lee, CVP of Research and Incubations at Microsoft, opens Research Summit with some reflections on the curiosity that animates us as researchers, the role of computer science in advancing all the sciences, and the importance of our work in light of the tremendous challenges we will face as a society in the coming years.

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Economics of AI Research

Panel: Ecosystem Resiliency for Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry has been disrupted by personalization of retail, automation of the supply chain, digitization of upstream production, and changing consumer preferences on issues such as sustainability and transparency. In this session we will hear leaders in academia and industry discussing these trends, solutions to current industry problems, and the need for more […]

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Covid Pandemic Microsoft

What are the Characteristics, learnings, and challenges of thriving organizations?

In this panel discussion, find out the characteristics of thriving teams and organizations. Panelists: Ed Doran, Senior Director, Microsoft Research  Redmond Nancy Baym, Senior Principal Research Manager, Microsoft Research  New England Jonathan Larson, Principal Data Architect, Microsoft Research  Redmond Constance Hadley, Organizational Psychologist and Lecturer, Boston University

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