Microsoft Mechanics

Developer Quantum Computing

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit: Introduction and Step-by-Step Demo

Krysta Svore, principal researcher at Microsoft, demonstrates the new Microsoft Quantum Development Kit. The Quantum Development Kit makes it easy for you to start experimenting with quantum computing now and includes: · A native, quantum-focused programming language called Q# · Local and Azure-hosted simulators for you to test your Q# solution · And sample Q# […]

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AI Azure

AI and the top 3 ways to adopt it in your Apps using Azure

Practical AI is no longer science fiction. In face, with Cognitive Services, AI is far more approachable than it ever has been. Microsoft Mechanics has a great video on the top three ways to integrate AI into your apps with Azure.

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AI Data Visualization PowerBI

Fusing AI and Data Visualization in Power BI

In this session from Ignite 2018, the Microsoft Mechanics explore the fusing of AI into Power BI and what that means for the future of data visualization.  

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