AI Bioinformatics

Leveraging Computing in Biomedical Sciences and Public Health

Computational tools, with their power in big data processing and complex pattern modeling, may play an important role in helping us push the boundaries of our medical knowledge and what can be done for public health. During the past few years, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) has been actively exploring opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence and […]

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Scientists Create the FIRST Living Robot

ColdFusion highlights a recent advancement in bio-engineering which created something entirely new. More information: Research Paper: GitHub Link:

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Azure IoT

Parkinson’s Patient – Before and After Sensoria Smart Sock

Sensoria, is an Azure IoT partner whose vision is The Garment is The Computer®. Sensoria’s proprietary sensor infused smart garments, Sensoria® Core microelectronics and cloud system enable smart garments to convert data into actionable information for users in real-time. Davide Vigano shares the vision and the product on the IoT Show and how they partner […]

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AI Data Science

How AI will Liberate Doctors from Keyboards and Basements

Machines can help doctors by spotting abnormalities in X-rays or MRA scans that the physicians themselves may have missed. AI can also help physicians by analyzing data and, through the use of algorithms, produce possible diagnoses. The hope is that this freed up time, as doctors make their rounds, can help physicians establish better connections […]

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Deep learning enables robust assessment and selection of human blastocysts after in vitro fertilization
Computer Vision Deep Learning TensorFlow

Deep Learning in IVF

Here’s an interesting article in Nature about the use of AI in evaluating embryos with AI — another use of computer vision in the medical field. Could this bring down healthcare costs? What if the algorithm mislabels an embryo? Are there ethical implications? Deep learning algorithms, in particular convolutional neural networks (CNNs), have recently been […]

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Future Robotics

An Exoskeleton that Helps With Physical Rehabilitation

BBC Click explores how an exoskeleton can help with physical rehabilitation, foldable phones, fashion, and visual effects.

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AI Computer Vision TensorFlow

Tutorial for Medical Imaging Classification in TensorFlow

Siraj Raval explores the use of AI in classifying diseases in medical imagining.

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AI Robotics

Living with a mind-controlled robot arm

Rapidly, science fiction is becoming science fact. The first person to live with a mind-controlled robotic arm is Johnny Matheny—a man who lost his original arm to cancer.

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