The Unraveling of Empire: Empire Darknet Market Admins Arrested

In the shadowy corridors of the internet, where anonymity reigns and the untraceable currency flows like water, the fall of Empire Market has unfolded like a modern-day digital tragedy. The recent arrest of Thomas Pavey and Rahee Hamilton, the alleged architects behind one of the largest darknet markets in history, marks a significant chapter in […]

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Uncovering AI-Powered Hackers: Microsoft and OpenAI Report

Microsoft (MSFT) and OpenAI — which Microsoft owns a 49% stake in — have identified hacker groups from several countries that are using artificial intelligence models in their cyberattacks, drawing on colossal amounts of text to generate human-like responses. In a report released by Microsoft, the hackers came from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia, […]

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Is the tech bubble bursting right now?

Tech companies have seen huge declines in value over the past six months. What does this mean for programmers and entrepreneurs? Here’s a look at bad news affecting tech workers and how it relates to coding jobs, venture capital, crypto, and startups.

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Using AI to Make Robots and Fully Autonomous Machines with a Jetson Computer

NVIDIA VP Deepu Talla joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss NVIDIA Omniverse and Jetson platforms, highlighting edge AI, embedded and robotics technologies shaping the future.

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