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Raspberry Pi FluxNode Setup Guide

In this video, Goose takes you through all the steps to building your own Raspberry Pi FluxNode. Time stamps: 00:33 Intro 01:49 Online FluxNode Guides 02:49 Raspberry Pi Specs & Argon ONE M.2 Case 07:27 Ubuntu Server 11:09 Flash SD Card 12:49 Stake FLUX Collateral in Zelcore Wallet 14:27 Raspberry Pi Case Assembly 16:19 First […]

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Define the Guardrails for success with Azure Blueprints

Here’s a great talk from Microsoft Ignite about governance and compliance around Azure services. Enabling your organization to easily consume Azure services can be challenging due to security, compliance and or governance requirements. Azure Blueprints allows organizations to define the guardrails for which they empower their business to succeed and drive to new heights. In […]

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Azure Big Data

Big Data Cluster Administration

This video provides an overview of administration experiences for BDC (Big Data Clusters). In big data clusters, we ensure that management services embedded with the platform provide fast scale and upgrade operations, automatic logs and metrics collection, enterprise grade secure access and high availability.

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