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AI Python

Learn Python in 7 Days with ChatGPT, Here’s How

The beauty of Python lies in its simplicity and intuitiveness. For someone who had never coded before, Chad GPT’s structured approach demystified programming concepts. Variables, for instance, were introduced as “boxes” that hold values—a simple yet effective analogy. By engaging with action steps, I wasn’t just passively absorbing information; I was applying it. Creating variables […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

ChatGPT Store is Here! How to Use and Make Money

The GPT-Store Announcement Finally Came. Here’s what we know as well as some other news coming out of OpenAI/ChatGPT This video is from Matt Wolfe.

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AI Startups

How to Start an Ai Automation Agency with $0 in 2023

This video is from Brett Malinowski and is a good counter balance to the “AI will take away all the jobs” narrative that’s out there. Historically, automation has led to more job creation than it’s taken away. Granted, this time it’s happening at an accelerated pace, but I have faith in the trend line.

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