Lindows, the weird Walmart Linux from 2002!

This video from Action Retro. delves into the weird story of Lindows, the 2000’s Linux that came installed on cheap Walmart PC towers.

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Apple Linux

Modern Ubuntu is KILLER on old Intel Macs!

Action Retro installs the latest Ubuntu Linux on an old 11″ Macbook Air. How does it compare to running MacOS Catalina on it, which is the last officially supported MacOS?

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AI Speech and Voice

The Evolution of Computer Speech

The Science Elf examines the history of speech synthesis and recognition – a technology that’s commonplace in our daily lives today.

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Developer Interesting

The Rise and Fall of Flash

The Science Elf explores the rise of and fall of Flash, a technology that enabled rich interactivity on the internet since the late 90s. It became ubiquitous on the web and met its doom at the hands of the Steve Jobs, no really. I do take issue with the statement in the video that Flash […]

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