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Machine Learning Python

Machine Learning With Python Full Course for Beginners

In this video from Simplilearn learn the basics of machine learning, essential applications of machine learning, and machine learning concepts, and why mathematics, statistics, and linear algebra are crucial. We’ll also learn about regularization, dimensionality reduction, and PCA.

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Logistic Regression in Python

This Edureka Video on Logistic Regression in Python will give you basic understanding of Logistic Regression Machine Learning Algorithm with examples. Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:31 Agenda 01:13 What is Regression 03:25 Logistic Regression- What and Why 04:10 Why not Linear Regression 05:18 Logistic Regression curve 06:57 Logistic Regression Equation 08:49 Linear vs Logistic Regression […]

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Machine Learning

The Most Important Topic in Machine Learning right now

Karolina Sowinska  discusses the most important topic in Machine Learning right now, namely model explainability. It is one of the hottest discussion points in the data community, because ultimately if we cannot understand how the models arrive at the predictions, it renders them useless in many practical applications.

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