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Career Developer

What Self-Taught Developers NEVER Learn

In this video, Tim from Tech with Time goes over some topics that most self-taught developers will never learn. Time Stamps: 00:00 | Overview 02:11 | University Courses 02:54 | Advanced Math and Proofs 05:53 | Digital Systems and Computer Architecture 07:32 | Programming Paradigms 10:03 | Programming Language Concepts 11:30 | Operating Systems

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Interesting Windows

Retrocoding the World’s Smallest Windows App in x86 ASM

Dave  from Dave’s Garage  builds the World’s Smallest Windows application live in x86 assembly using only a text editor and the command line to assemble the program using the Microsoft MASM assembler. Whether you’re a professional programmer or just curious about how assembly language works, what makes it different from machine language, and why it […]

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