Pokémon Coding Tutorial – CS50’s Intro to Game Development

Learn game development by creating a Pokemon clone game using Lua and LÖVE2D. The principles you learn can apply to any programming language. Time stamps: (0:00:00) Introduction (0:04:59) Pokémon Demo (0:11:33) StateStack (0:20:32) StartState (0:23:32) FadeInState (0:29:22) DialogueState (0:33:23) PlayState (0:36:11) Grid-Aligned Movement (0:42:25) Dialogue Revisited (0:44:13) Level (0:46:13) Triggering Encounters (0:50:09) GUIs (0:52:36) 9-Patches […]

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What is the Fastest Computer Language?

A constant source of debate for computer geeks, retired Microsoft engineer Dave Plummer takes us on a guided tour of 45 different computer languages and drag races each against one another using a prime sieve benchmark.

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