Low Code


STOP LYING, The Truth About No Code Web Automation

This video from Code Is Power expresses some of the failures of RPA that I have noticed and ultimately led to me creating Dingo. Selectors automatically generated by no code and RPA platforms (eg Power Automate & UiPath) are hilariously janky and outrageously wrong. Web devs and QA engineers already use far easier, more powerful […]

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AI Microsoft Power Apps

AI Builder | A World of AI at Your Fingertips

Rob and Albert welcome Ashish Bhatia to talk about AI Builder. AI has transformed the way we process data, making mundane tasks a thing of the past. Processing documents at scale has been made easier, intelligent and automated with IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and the power of AI Builder! Come check out how this pre-built […]

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Databricks Machine Learning

Low-Code Machine Learning on Databricks with AutoML

Teams across an organization should be able to use predictive analytics for their business. While there are data scientists and data engineers who can leverage code to build ML models, there are domain experts and analysts who can benefit from low-code tools to build ML solutions. Join this session to learn how you can leverage […]

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Shish Shridhar ” trying to {/code} AI ” by Rupesh Malpani

Shish Shridhar, Global head Retail, Microsoft for Startups! & Rupesh Malpani, founder CEO, Pikk on The Transformations in our Life after the Pandemic and the Optimism’s around them happening in the Future with No Code Low Code Programming!

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Will Low Code/No Code Kill Programming Jobs?

Low code and no code are ideas that are gaining traction. Low-code development platforms are used to solve all sorts of software development problems, but what is no code development, is this a new idea that will take your job, or is this another attempt at an old idea and some kind of no-code bubble. […]

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Build 3 Financial Apps via Low-Code

Learn how to build 3 financial apps using low-code solutions from Ania Kubów, an ex-financial Broker turned Software Developer. Timestamps (0:00:00) Introduction (0:01:53) Course Outline (0:02:45) Low-Code vs No-Code (0:04:17) Retool and Compatible Integrations (0:04:48) Building a Trade Dashboard (0:05:34) Integrating Google Sheets (0:59:22) Using Slack API (1:12:48) Building a Crypto Dashboard (1:13:12) Integrating a […]

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Power Apps

Independent Publisher Connector Program

In this video, Greg Hurlman talks to Program Manager for Power Platform Connectors Natalie Pienkowska to talk all about the new Independent Publisher Connector Program: what it is, and how to get started creating and/or using the new connectors.

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