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Red teaming LLM applications

This video is from LLM TECH STORIES. Giskard is a room which helps in red teaming LLM applications

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AI Ethics Generative AI Large Language Models Security

A Deep Dive into the Security Risks of LLMs with Kevin Latchford

Join me for an enlightening live discussion on the intricate world of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their security implications. In this exclusive livestream event, we’ll be hosting Kevin Latchford, a noted expert in cybersecurity, to explore the vulnerabilities and risks associated with LLMs. As these models become more integral to our digital lives, understanding […]

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AI Career

What advice do you have for people who want to get started in AI?

Rachel Shepard, Director of Design/Azure AI, explains why getting started in AI is much more approachable than you might think.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Grok AI has entered the chat…

Fireship takes a first look at Elon Musk’s new Grok AI chatbot and ChatGPT competitor. And how does Grok it stack up against GPT-4.

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AI Developer Large Language Models

How To Install GPT-Engineer👨‍💻- Build ENTIRE Apps With One Prompt! (Quick Setup Guide)

In this video, Matthew Berman shows you how to install and use GPT Engineer, which is a new project on the top of the GitHub trending repos that allows you to enter a prompt and build an entire codebase project easily. It’s very impressive and already better than Smol Developer.

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