IoT Maker

Getting Started with LIDAR

Learn to use some basic LIDAR devices, with an Arduino and a PC. This video introduces two inexpensive LIDAR devices that you can start experimenting with. These devices were provided courtesy of DFRobot, they are VERY inexpensive considering their capabilities. Time stamps: 00:00 – Introduction 03:30 – Two LIDAR Devices 06:08 – How LIDAR works […]

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Apple Virtual Reality

What is LiDAR and Why is It on Apple Devices All of a Sudden?

Recently, I got an iPhone 12 Max and I’m going around everywhere I go 3D scanning things with the built-in LiDAR. As to why said LiDAR sensor is there in the first place, my only explanation is augmented reality and/or VR. Here’s a review of how the technology works. With the launch of the Apple […]

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Unlocking The Hidden Lasers on Your Phone To Make 3D Images

In this video, The Action Lab shows you how to make 3d images using the the VSCEL lasers on your (recent vintage) smartphone.

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

Can Self-Driving Cars Learn Depth Perception?

Two Minute Papers showcases the paper “Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Ego-Motion from Video” here in this YouTube post.

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Autonomous Vehicles Maker Robotics

Is LIDAR Easy to Use for Makers?

In this video, take a closer look at a commercial LIDAR sensor for hobbyists. Find out how the sensor manages to measure the distance to objects placed all around it and how we can use this data with a computer and an Arduino. At the end watch a small robot which uses the LIDAR system […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Computer Vision

How Do Self-Driving Cars See?

TED-Ed has a great explainer video on LIDAR and its use in self-driving cars.

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Autonomous Vehicles Economics of AI

To Lower Cost of Self-Driving Cars Waymo Starts Selling Sensors

Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Google Alphabet, is selling the laser-mapping sensors used on its driverless vehicles to other companies. In the video below, Waymo CEO Tekedra Mawakana discusses the move with Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Technology.”

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Machine Learning Robotics Windows

Windows Machine Learning: Models and Features

Killian and Rosane along with guest star Rufus the robot! discuss loading models and understanding how to determine a given model’s expected inputs and output features. For more information about Windows ML check out

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