Vinod Khosla on Mental Models

Siraj Raval  interviews Vinod Khosla in the latest edition of his podcast. Vinod Khosla is an Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Philanthropist. It was an honor to have a conversation with the Silicon Valley legend that I’ve admired for many years. Vinod co-founded Sun Microsystems over 30 years ago, a company that grew to over 36,000 […]

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AI GameDev

Game Developer Teaches an AI to Play the Game He Made

Dani, a game developer, recently made a game and decided to train an AI to play it. A couple of weeks ago I made a video “Making a Game in ONE Day (12 Hours)”, and today I’m trying to teach an A.I to play my game! Basically I’m gonna use Neural Networks to make the […]

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How To Produce More Brain Cells

If you’ve watched Siraj Raval’s latest video on speed learning and found it insightful, I highly recommend this video on neurogenesis to explore the topics further.

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Career Life Hacks

10 Speed Learning Techniques

Siraj Raval shares his secrets for learning new skills rapidly and how he has fun in the process. I’m going to show you a day in my life in this episode. These are the daily habits that I practice to optimize my ability to learn and thus serve you better. I consider my body an […]

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AI Science

10 Ways to Learn Faster

The world is moving faster. More content. More things to learn. The best way to make the most of this information age is to learn how to learn. In this video, AI genius and modern-day renaissance man, Siraj Raval reveals 10 learning techniques that I personally use to educate himself on complex topics in Science, […]

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16 Best Resources to Learn AI & Machine Learning in 2019
AI Career

16 Best Resources to Learn AI & Machine Learning in 2019

Here’s an interesting bit of career advice and resources for those looking to learn AI and machine learning for their career. Who am I to argue with Mark Cuban? 😉 Two years have already passed since Mark Cuban said that if you don’t understand artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning “you’re going to be […]

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AI Machine Learning

How to Study Machine Learning

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how I so quickly changed from a “plain old software engineer” to “certified Data Scientist” as quickly as I did. While I do plan to write a book/shoot a video on the topic. In the meantime, enjoy this video from Siraj Raval where he shows the […]

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Interesting Science

The Science of Learning

As someone who has spent the last two years working on getting as any certification in data science as I possibly can, many people ask me, “How did you learn so much so fast?” The answer is simple: study the brain, how it learns, and then test out new ways to learn faster. In this […]

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