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Maximizing Productivity: How Python and Computer Vision Simplify Daily Tasks

Tiff In Tech has a coffee issue and she uses AI to count how much coffee she drinks. Whenever the script detects that I am taking a sip of coffee, it instantly prints a message to the console and plays an audible sound notification to alert me. This real-time feedback allows me to keep track […]

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Is Return to Office making anyone happy in Tech?

Does returning to the office is actually making anyone in tech happy. I thought I’d try my best to look at the actual data. This video from Coding with Dee takes a closer look.

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The NEW ChatGPT is HERE! ChatGPT-4o Let’s Test Its Coding Abilities

In this video, Tiff In Tech will put the highly anticipated ChatGPT-4o through the test, exploring how it handles various coding challenges and comparing its performance to its predecessor. I wanted how well it could turn a screenshot into functioning code.. it was pretty surprising the results! Whether you’re a seasoned developer, an AI enthusiast, […]

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Who’s Solving The DEVELOPER SHORTAGE Crisis?

There has been a reported software developer shortage for the past 50 years, despite occasional ups and downs, like the current layoffs at some of the big web companies, despite this though, the data says that vacancies are at an all-time high and demand for people with software development skills is predicted to continue to […]

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How to Use AI to Build Apps Quickly? Taking an Image and Turning it Into Code!

This video is from Tiff In Tech. In today’s fast-paced tech world, the ability to turn ideas into functioning apps quickly is invaluable. In this video we will explore an incredible tool called Tldraw, an open-source project that empowers developers, business individuals, and creative minds. Imagine being able to take any image – whether drawn […]

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What AI Model is Better? Google’s Gemini Pro vs. ChatGPT GPT-4

In todays video Tiff In Tech diving into what AI model is better? Testing out Googles Gemini Pro vs ChatGPT GPT-4. I was surprised in the results. Which one do you use? We will also cover what has been going on with Googles Gemini and the news that has been coming out about it.

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What Are the TOP Tech Certifications for 2024? And How Much Do They Pay?

This video is from Tiff In Tech. Its no secret that getting a certification in tech can help you stand out from others. In this video, I look into the top tech certifications that will be in high demand in 2024 and boost your salary. Whether you’re looking to break into IT, become a coder, […]

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