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Microsoft Excel PivotTables Explained

In this Microsoft Excel 2021/Excel 365 training tutorial video, learn all about Excel PivotTables. We’ll go over creating a PivotTable from scratch and discuss the different elements of a PivotTable! Learn how to pivot a field, add totals, format numbers and errors, choose a report layout, apply formatting styles, and more! We finish off with […]

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Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

Learnit Training provides this Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial for those looking to boost their Excel skills. Sure, it’s not Spark or Python, but not everything needs to be. Exercise files: https://bit.ly/2OGV7eu Content: Introduction 0:03 What is VBA? 1:44 Object Oriented Programming Languages 5:59 Turning on the Developer Tab 10:17 The Macro Recorder 13:40 Using Relative […]

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