AI Economics of AI Ethics

How AI Impacts the Practice of Law

AI is impacting many professions today, with the fastest impact found in areas where vast information needs to be sifted and synthesized, and where there is an importance placed on precision — as in the practice of law. In this video, attorney, professor, and IBM SkillsBuild advocate April Dawson explains how AI is already being […]

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AI Economics of AI Large Language Models

How to Summarize Legal Docs like a Pro with Mixtra’s RAG Pipeline

This video from Mervin Praison shows that the legal profession will never be the same Post-AI. Welcome to an innovative journey in the legal tech world! In today’s video, I’m thrilled to show you how to create a chatbot that can summarize and query legal documents. This is a game-changer for lawyers and legal professionals, […]

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Why Disney’s Most Iconic Character is entering the Public Domain (Lawyer Explains)

Corridor Crew‘s lawyer Jake explains why after 95 years, the copyright in Mickey Mouse is entering the public domain and why Disney is going to do nothing about it.

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Privacy Security

New Law Mandates ‘Kill Switches’ in ALL Cars from 2026 Onwards!

This video from Car Coach Reports highlights a concerning development in regards to privacy, security, and freedom of movement. Snuck inside the recently passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, is a proposal to have a lockout device to be installed in all new cars. This is no joke and has already passed in Congress and the […]

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Better than Netflix? Jellyfin on a NAS

Jellyfin’s an awesome open source home media server. In this video, Jeff Geerling shows us how he uses it to organize my movies and TV shows.

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Quantum Computing Science

Quantum Tunneling Takes a Surprisingly Long Time

Quantum tunneling happens when a particle seemingly teleports across a barrier. But despite how instantaneous this event sounds, recent research suggests that it doesn’t happen nearly as fast as you might think. SciShow explains.

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AI Ethics

AI in Law Enforcement

In light of recent blog posts about the use of facial recognition being used by law enforcement, this podcast episode from Cognalytica seems timely and relevant. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page. Show Notes Law enforcement is increasing seeing benefits from AI technologies including scanning video footage for […]

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