Building a Homelab Server Rack!

Now that the move to the new house is over, I can start planning out a home lab.

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the $0.30 Hacking Lab

Can you really build your very own hacking lab using real Vulnerable Machines for thirty cents? In this video, Network Chuck will show you how to do this using Kali Linux and AWS so you can have your very own lab that is convenient and fun in order to hack your target!

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Singapore’s Remote-Controlled Cyborg Insects

This video from Vice Asia, highlights a very sci-fi idea that is about to become reality. In the future, we may have remote-controlled insects to reach places humans cannot. At least that’s what Dr. Hirotaka Sato, an aerospace engineer from Singapore, is hoping. Motherboard went to Dr. Sato’s lab in Singapore to take one of […]

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The Longest-Running Evolution Experiment

Veritasium highlights the longest running revolutionary experiment in history. I feel that “Bacteria Fight Club” should be a thing.

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