Containers DevOps

From Server 2012 to AKS with Azure Migrate

Vinicius Apolinario demonstrates how to move apps from legacy to Azure on Azure Migrate.  This new tooling helps containerize existing applications using Azure Migrate, an easy-to-use tool that removes the complexity involved in the containerization process. Learn more: Azure App Containerization ASP.Net: https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/AzureMigrate/Doc Containerize and migrate apps to AKS with Azure Migrate: https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/AzureMigrate/AppContainerization Video – […]

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Containers Spark

Real-Time Health Score Application using Apache Spark on Kubernates

This on the Databricks YouTube channel presents the web application that calculates real-time health scores at a very rapid speed using Spark on Kubernates. A health score represents a machine’s lifetime and it is commonly used as a landmark for making a decision on whether to replace the machine with new one for high productivity […]

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