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How Can We Use HoloLens and Azure Kinect together?

In this One Dev Question, Ayşegül Yönet talks about the intriguing idea of using a HoloLens and Azure Kinect together. More details on the Azure Kinect DK are at

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Tech That Died In The 2010s

It’s that time of year for “year in review” posts, but this year is extra special: it’s the dawn of a new decade and the twilight of another. Here’s an interesting look at what has changed in the consumer hardware space in the past ten years.

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Are Augmented Reality Presentations Coming?

Two Minute Papers explains why the future of delivering engaging presentations is augmented reality.

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Azure Kinect DK

While the HoloLens 2 announcement garnered the most attention this week, Azure Kinect DK was also unveiled this week. The Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit and PC peripheral that combines our best artificial intelligence (AI) sensors with SDKs and APIs for building sophisticated computer vision and speech models. This is something I can’t […]

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