WIA 2021: Keynote Noelle Silver

If you’ve never seen Noelle Silver present, then you are missing out. Here she is delivering the keynote at Women in Analytics.

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Data + AI World Tour: Reckitt Keynote

Reckitt shares the story of their Lakehouse journey, from the drivers behind their shift to this new paradigm, to lessons learned along the way. From a starting point of a siloed, data warehouse centric architecture that had inherent challenges with scalability, performance and data duplication, Reckitt has standardized upon Databricks to serve as an open […]

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Every Experience Is An Opportunity To Learn

Here’s a great talk from the recent NoVA Code Camp 2021 Keynote delivered by Jeremy Sinclair. Do you recall a time you felt a spark of excitement watching a cartoon or listening to a song that had an influenced an idea? Do you remember the first time you saw an input box on a website […]

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AI Data Driven Future Podcasts

Azure Global Data Fest Keynote – Trends and Futures of AI

Here’s some special bonus content for our loyal podcast listeners, The following is the keynote for the Azure Cloud Events conference, wherein Frank talks about the future of AI and the top technologies to watch. Watch on YouTube: Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Quantum Computing

Where Do We Go Next with Quantum Computing?

QC40 was a one-day virtual event that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Physics of Computation Conference, which was jointly organized by MIT and IBM and held in the Endicott House on the MIT campus in 1981. We consider this conference a defining moment in the history of quantum computation. At QC40, we looked at […]

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AI Azure

Trends & Future of AI Keynote

Today I delivered the keynote for AzureCloud Events most recent event. “Trends and Future of AI”

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AI Hardware

NVIDIA GTC 2020 Keynote in 10 minutes

Engadget edited down the NVIDIA GTC 2020 to 10 minutes to capture the highlight and Jensen Huang has a cool looking kitchen.

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AI Future

AI and the Super Future

In this video of a keynote presentation, Jeremy Gutsche dives into artificial intelligence and the AI mechanized future in an AI talk that explores how artificial intelligence trends will change your future, particularly as you combine innovation in AI with robotics, interface, bio enhancement, 3d printing, mind reading, sustainability and thought control.

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