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Deep Learning Models Using Keras Tutorial

This Edureka Tutorial on “Keras Tutorial” provides you a quick and insightful tutorial on the working of Keras along with an interesting use-case. Topics Covered : 00:00 Introduction 00:30 Agenda 01:12 What is Keras 01:53 Who Makes Keras 02:55 What Makes Keras Special 04:08 Keras User Experience 05:04 Multi-Backend & Multi-Platform 06:55 Keras Models 09:03 […]

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Machine Learning TensorFlow

Keras Full Course for Beginners

Keras is a high-level, deep learning API developed by Google for implementing neural networks. Written in Python, it is used to make the implementation of neural networks easy. Keras is relatively easy to learn and work with because it provides a python frontend with a high level of abstraction while having the option of multiple […]

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