Python Red Hat

Python dependency management with Project Thoth

Maya Costantini and Harshad Reddy Nalla demonstrate Python dependency management with Project Thoth and how to use their new Jupyter Notebook extension. By the end of this session, attendees will learn the importance of reproducibility, how to use Thoth recommendations through the Thoth CLI tool, Thamos, and how to use Thoth’s Jupyterlab extension for Python […]

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Better Web Scraping with Mechanical Soup

I wrote a lot of web scraping libraries back in the day in C#. I had considered porting my library to Python. Python Simplified discusses the benefits of using Mechanical Soup over Beautiful Soup for web scraping.

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AI Python TensorFlow

Machine Learning and Scientific Computing with Python

In this episode, Seth and Tania will talk about the Python community and the scientific Python ecosystem. So if you always wanted to know what is so great about Python for Machine learning and its community this episode is for you. More Information: Python and Tensorflow What is DVC Run Jupyter Notebooks Create a Free […]

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Data Science

How to Use .NET Interactive Jupyter Notebooks in Daily Work-Life

Jupyter Notebooks are best known as tools for Data Scientists to display Python, Spark or R scripts.  A Jupyter Notebook enables you to share words, images, code AND code results.  .NET interactive Jupyter notebooks add c sharp, F# and PowerShell core to the mix. In this episode, Rob Sewell will introduce Jupyter Notebooks and show […]

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Azure Data Science

How to use Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Data Studio

Vicky Harp joins Scott Hanselman to show how Azure Data Studio combined the simple and robust SQL query editing experience of tools like SSMS with the flexibility and collaboration of Jupyter Notebooks. The November 2019 release of Azure Data Studio included SQL Server 2019 Guide as a Jupyter Book, which provides a richer troubleshooting experience.      […]

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Data Science Developer

Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code

Jeffrey Mew shows you how you can can natively edit Jupyter notebooks in Visual Studio Code. Jupyter (formerly IPython) is an open-source project that enables you to easily combine Markdown text and executable Python source code on one canvas called a notebook. These notebooks contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text. Jeffrey shows how […]

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SQL Server 2019 Feature Notebooks
Big Data Spark SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 Feature Notebooks

Here’s a great collection of Jupyter notebooks that explore all the new features of SQL Server 2019. Here are some of the ones that caught my attention. SQL Server 2019 Querying 1 TRILLION rows OneTrillionRowsWarm.ipynb – This notebook shows how SQL Server 2019 reads 9 BILLION rows/second using a 1 trillion row table using a warm cache, OneTrillionRowsCold.ipynb – […]

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Computer Vision Data Science Python

Build a Pet Detector in 30 Minutes or Less

Ever wondered what breed that dog or cat is? In this show, you’ll learn how to train, optimize and deploy a deep learning model using Azure Notebooks, Azure Machine Learning Service, and Visual Studio Code using Python. Using transfer learning to retrain a mobilenet model via Tensorflow to recognize dog and cat breeds using the […]

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