AI Python

How to Generate Synthetic Data at Scale

Or Sher shows you how to use modern tools to generate synthetic data at scale.

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AWS Machine Learning

Machine Learning with Julia on AWS SageMaker

Julia has its fans and it has come a long way. If you want to start using it in real projects, here’s a great tutorial on how to use Julia in AWS Sagemaker.

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What is the Fastest Computer Language?

A constant source of debate for computer geeks, retired Microsoft engineer Dave Plummer takes us on a guided tour of 45 different computer languages and drag races each against one another using a prime sieve benchmark.

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“Julia is comparable to Python for simple machine learning tasks and better for complex ones”
AI Data Science

Interview with the Julia Team

Here’s an interesting interview with the team behind Julia, an up-and-coming language for data science and AI. At the same time, Julia is general purpose, and provides facilities for creating dashboards, documentation, REST APIs, web applications, integration with databases, and much more. As a result, Julia is now seeing significant commercial adoption in a number of industries. Data scientists and engineers across […]

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