AI Data

OpenAI Embeddings and Vector Databases Crash Course

This video is from Adrian Twarog. Embeddings and Vectors are a great way of storing and retrieving information for use with AI services. OpenAI provides a great embedding API to do this. Postman lets you make these with easy at https://www.postman.com/ (today’s sponsor) In this video we will explore how to create a Vector Database […]

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Developer Javascript

How JavaScript Ruined the Web

Eric Murphy asks the questions we all have asked ourselves at times. Ever noticed how bad the modern web is getting? Why is every website a slow, laggy, buggy mess? Whatever happened to the good old days, when websites were simpler? In this video, I’ll talk about how the rise of JavaScript frameworks like React […]

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25 VS Code Productivity Tips and Speed Hacks

Learn 25 VS Code tips and tricks that will help you write code faster.

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