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A Clear Explanation of Naive Bayes

StatQuest with Josh Starmer explains Naive Bayes in a clear way. When most people want to learn about Naive Bayes, they want to learn about the Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifier – which sounds really fancy, but is actually quite simple. This video walks you through it one step at a time and by the end, […]

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Machine Learning Statistics

A Clear Explanation of ROC and AUC

StatQuest has a clear explanation of ROC and AUC – a critical piece of evaluating machine learning models.

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A Step-by-Step Look at Gradient Descent

Gradient Descent is the workhorse behind much of Machine Learning. When you fit a machine learning method to a training dataset, you’re almost certainly using Gradient Descent. The process can optimize parameters in a wide variety of settings. Since it’s so fundamental to Machine Learning, Josh Starmer of StatQuest decided to make a “step-by-step” video […]

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