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Microsoft Python

5 Things about Visual Studio Code Languages, Extension Sharing, and Live Share

JavaScript users love Visual Studio Code, but Go and Rust developers also love VS Code. Amanda Silver shares how you can pair program with Live Share, how Python, Go, and Rust are used in VS Code, information about one of Code’s creators Erich Gamma, and how you can list and share your extensions.

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Azure Developer

Five Things About Azure Functions

In this episode of Five Things, John Papa and Jeff Hollan bring you five reasons you should check out Azure Functions today. You can also listen to Jeff dive deeper into serverless on his recent episode of Real Talk JavaScript. Try it for  free here! Language Support here Run and debug locally: Code and test […]

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Azure Javascript

Five Things About JavaScript in DevOps

What does Azure DevOps have to do with generators, Captain Kirk, and ponies? Where can you get therapy for your VB 6 scars? Why don’t Angular, React, and Vue developers have a cool logo like docker? How can you automate your development pipeline using whatever tools you want with Azure DevOps? We turn to the […]

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Five Things About GitHub

Phil Haack joins John Papa on this week’s FIVE THINGS to talk about (more than) five things about GitHub. Links from the show: Ignore white space in code review blog post Keep your project boards up to date, automatically blog post Github Desktop Analyzing GitHub Issue Comment Sentiment With Azure blog post Azure Sentiment Analysis […]

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Azure Natural Language Processing Uncategorized

FiveThings About NLP

With devices like Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, natural language processing is more relevant than ever. In this episode of Five Things, John and Brian talk about what it takes to get started with Natural Language Processing (NLP). What it is and can be done with it?

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Five Things About React Components

While the bulk of the content on Frank’s World has been about data science, it’s important not to lose sight of other important topics. React is just one such important topic. Here’s a video with John Papa where he talks to Brandy Morgan about Five Things to learn about react components.

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Five Things About Service Workers

This week on Five Things – SERVICE WORKERS. What are they? What do they do and how do you use them? John Papa sits down with Craig Shoemaker who knows a thing or two about Service Workers. Or at least he pretends to and fakes it really well. You decide. Also, John sings the intro, […]

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AI Uncategorized

Five Things About Bots

The one and only John Papa sits down with Brian Clark to talk about all things bots. What exactly is a bot? What all can bots do? Watch this video to find out and, if that’s not incentive enough, there may or may not be dancing.

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The 5 Coolest Features of TypeScript

Learn five of the coolest features of TypeScript from Technical Fellow, Anders Hejlsberg. How can TypeScript help editors better check and improve our JavaScript? How does TypeScript use Control Flow Analysis? How do we avoid the pyramid of doom with asynchronous callback hell? Learn these and why Anders is having so much fun creating compilers […]

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