John Lee Dumas


Daily inspiration with Winston Churchill & JLD

As the calendar turns to September, my thoughts tend towards being consumed by memories of the day I came uncomfortably close to dying Recent events have done little to ease my mind, but then I saw this video by John Lee Dumas sent to me by Andy Leonard, co-host of Data Driven and brother from […]

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Daily inspiration with Earl Nightingale & JLD

These are stressful times, so here’s a little bit of inspiration with John Lee Dumas.

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Data Driven Data Science

Inspiration with John Lee Dumas and Tech Intensity with Data Soup

As we begin season 3 of Data Driven, Frank and Andy wanted to bring it back to the guy who inspired the entire show: John Lee Dumas. Although not yet quite a household name, JLD as he’s known to his fans, is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award winning podcast where he interviews […]

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