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Career Developer

How to Get a Developer Job – Even in This Odd Economy [Full Course]

This course from will help you find a programming job and is specifically designed for self-taught developers. The course covers covers everything from job search strategy, resumes, networking, interviewing, and a lot more. Let’s lets start learning. Follow along interactively on

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Career Python Security

Fundamentals of Python for Cybersecurity | Google Cybersecurity Certificate

In this course from Google Career Certificates, you will be introduced to the Python programming language and apply it in a cybersecurity setting to automate tasks. You’ll start by focusing on foundational Python programming concepts, including data types, variables, conditional statements, and iterative statements. You’ll also learn to work with Python effectively by developing functions, […]

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Career Covid Pandemic

How to Create a Winning Job Search Strategy while Social Distancing

Due to the pandemic, there are a lot of people looking for new jobs. Fortunately, there are still places hiring. But how do you search for a new role in the time of social distancing? Udacity recently held a webinar to share some tips and ideas: The job market is changing rapidly due to company […]

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Overcoming Procrastination

At this time of year, it’s common to start setting goals for the new year. If you’re in the AI field, learning has to be one of those goals. Udacity explores how to end procrastination and how to find your ideal learning style. Do you fall victim to procrastination? Do you use scientifically proven methods […]

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Career Data Science

5 Steps to Ace Data Science Interviews

In case you haven’t noticed, Data Science has become more and more popular as a career choice as it offers both lucrative salaries and the opportunity to have a huge impact. The Data Science interview process is challenging, but with dedicated practice you can succeed. In this video, Siraj Raval outlines the 7 steps to […]

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