Jessica Deen

Azure Containers

Best practices for Azure Container Instances (ACI) with GitHub Actions

Azure Container Instances (ACI) allow for a quick, simple, and cost effective way to run serverless containers in production. ACI is generally available and is for hosting serverless containerized workloads, including ETL pipelines, serverless batch jobs, and API microservices. Scott Hanselman and Jessica Deen teach you about ACI, GitHub Actions, and container best practices. Related […]

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Kubernetes in 2019

.NET Rocks interviews Jessica Dean, a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, to talk about Kubernetes, containers, and more. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page. Show Notes It’s 2019, do you know where your containers are? Carl and Richard talk to Jessica Deen about her work with containers and […]

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Community Developer

How to Host and Find Community Events

Chloe Condon, Developer Evangelist at and creator of Sentry’s scout-themed monthly meetups, and Jessica Deen share their tips for event hosts, presenters, and attendees, based on their experiences on both sides of the table.

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