IT security

Networking Security

Is This the END of VPNs?!

This video is from NetworkChuck. Say goodbye to VPNs for remote access! I’ve ditched my VPN because they’re slow, complicated, and insecure – not to mention outdated! I needed a better solution – one that’s lightning-fast and gives me granular control over user access. Enter Twingate, the zero-trust remote access solution that will revolutionize your […]

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Career Security

Careers in Cybersecurity

Are you an IT professional thinking about branching out into the cybersecurity space? As Jeff “the security guy” notes in this video, there’s LOTS of demand and good salaries. If you’re interested in learning about the different entry paths and career growth opportunities, this video spells it out and provides several good getting-started resources.

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Denial of Service Attacks Explained

Denial of Service attacks are one of the many tactics malicious actors may use. In this video Jeff Crume explains the different types of DoS attacks and what kind measures can be taken to mitigate the threat posed by these kinds of attacks. This video is from IBM Technology.

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Red Hat Security

Understanding software supply chain threats

What security threats lurk in the software supply chain? Join David Mair, Senior Manager with the Product Security Supply Chain team at Red Hat, to hear how security vulnerabilities at each point of the software supply chain can jeopardize the integrity of your IT infrastructure and the data on it. Have you ever wondered how […]

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