image processing

Computer Vision Databricks

Image Processing on Delta Lake

Deep learning has certainly come a long way over the past few years, and working with images has gotten simpler thanks to advances in data engineering techniques and tactics. Delta Lake has been amazing at creating a tabular structured transactional layer on object storage, but what about handling images at scale? Would you like to […]

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The Applications of Matrices

Zach Star echoes my thoughts with this video on what he wishes his teachers told him about matrices. Given the relevance of linear algebra to quantum computing, this could not be more timely.

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Computer Vision Python

Learn OpenCV in 3 Hours with Python

Here’s a great tutorial on how OpenCV. Time Index: Introduction to Images: 2:17 Installations: 4:37 Chapter 1: 9:09 Chapter 2: 17:01 Chapter 3: 27:31 Chapter 4: 34:12 Chapter 5: 44:59 Chapter 6: 50:04 Chapter 7: 56:14 Chapter 8: 1:15:37 Chapter 9: 1:40:31 Project 1: 1:46:03 Project 2: 2:15:45 Project 3: 2:56:34

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AI Computer Vision

Explainable Computer Vision with Grad-CAM

Siraj Raval explores why does a computer algorithm classify an image the way that it does? This is a question that is critical when it comes to AI applied to diagnostics, driving, or any other form of critical decision making. In this video, he raises awareness around one technique in particular that I found called […]

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