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The Future Of Machine Learning And Programming

Codex can program in 11 different languages with Python being it’s strongest. Is codex going to replace software developers? Codex is a machine learning based system which is able to transform natural language text into code. Codex is borne out of GPT-3 which was also created by OpenAI. When the team at OpenAI realized that […]

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Google has a Free Machine Learning Course

I’m often asked about the best place to learn machine learning and data science and, while the certification path I learned on is no more, there are still plenty of options. Python Programmer  does a high level overview of the Machine Learning Crash Course from Google. It’s free so, have a look.

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Machine Learning Mathematics

All the Math You Need for Machine Learning for FREE!

Python Programmer tells you how to learn the mathematics for machine learning will teach you all of the maths you need for machine learning. Best of all, it’s available for free!

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From Physicist to Machine Learning Engineer

One of the more interesting aspects of working in AI is how people found their way into the field. Machine Learning with Phil shares his artificial intelligence journey.

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