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What is the FASTEST Way to Become a Data Analyst and ACTUALLY Get a Job

For those looking to break into Data Analysis quickly and how to get your first full-time Data Analyst job – step by step, then this video is for you. As a self taught Data Analyst, if you want to learn data analysis to get a job at FAANG, this video is for you. This video […]

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Data Science Python


Learning Python for Data Science can really go a long way in elevating your data career potential, but at first – learning to code can seem scary for most. If that is you, don’t worry – it totally can be done, without going back to school. In today’s video, the legendary Lillian Pierson tips for […]

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Data Science

Learning Data Science in 2021

(the minimize effort maximize outcome way) Tina Huang covers how to learn data science in 2021 – the minimize effort and maximize outcome way. Best of all, she provides a clear framework. If you’re committed to learning data science in 2021, I have nothing more to say than to watch this video! I spend a […]

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