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Accidental LLM Backdoor – Prompt Tricks

In this video LiveOverflow explores various prompt tricks to manipulate the AI to respond in ways we want, even when the system instructions want something else. This can help us better understand the limitations of LLMs.

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Large Language Models Security

What is Prompt Injection?

This video is from LiveOverflow. How will the easy access to powerful APIs like GPT-4 affect the future of IT security? Keep in mind LLMs are new to this world and things will change fast. But I don’t want to fall behind, so let’s start exploring some thoughts on the security of LLMs.

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How to Hack Wifi from $1.80

Which adapters are the best for WiFi hacking? Kody of Null Byte and Hak5 fame gives us his advice on what to buy. You can purchase a monster antenna like the Tube U, or something smaller like the AWUS036NHA or WEMOS D1 Mini or WiFi Nugget. Lots of options for different price points.

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