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Career Security

Cybersecurity Certificate Tier List (2023)

This video is from Mad Hat. Welcome to Mad Hat. I’m a Cyber Security Analyst at an undisclosed Fortune 500 company. Here, we talk about tips and tricks on how to land a successful career in tech. If you are interested, make sure to hit that subscribe button!

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AI Python Speech and Voice

How to Automate You Life with Python & ChatGPT: Coding a Virtual Voice Assistant

In this tutorial, Tiff In Tech is going to code a own virtual voice assistant using Python. We’ll learn how to create a simple virtual assistant that can be used to carry out simple tasks, like placing orders or scheduling appointments. By the end, you’ll be able to code your own virtual voice assistant and […]

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Python Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Python in 1.5 Hours

Here’s a great tutorial on Python from Apna College. Notes Time stamps: 00:00 – Introduction 01:38 – Install Python (Windows & Mac – both) 02:14 – Install PyScripter (only for Windows) 02:56 – How to work with PyScripter? 05:21 – Install PyCharm (Windows & Mac – both) 07:44 – Creating a file 09:05 – 1st […]

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Career Covid Pandemic Developer

Where To Start Learning How To Code

If the economic fallout from the pandemic has hit you hard and you’re looking for a new career path in software development, The Come Up has a great video for people new to the field. Additional Resources: Harvard CS 50 -Course: FreeCodeCamp –

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