Hannah Fry

AI Machine Learning

Hannah Fry – Should Computers Run the World?

Dr. Hannah Fry explores the power of algorithms, AI, and pigeons in this talk from the Royal Institute. From the YouTube description: Algorithms are increasingly used to make decisions in healthcare, transport, finance and security. How can they best be used and what happens when things go wrong?

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Mathematics Statistics

Bayesian Statistics with Hannah Fry

You’ll hear the term Bayes or Bayesian come up a lot in data science, but this video explores the theory with tennis balls and a table.

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Interesting Mathematics

Calculating Ada

Here’s a riveting documentary from the BBC about Ada Lovelace, the “Countess of Computing.” It’s a fascinating look at the contradicting world views of her parents and how their subsequent separation helped form a young Ada into a mathematical superstar. It’s also offers a glimpse of the Victorian Computer Age (SteamPunk?) we almost got.

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Data Science

Simulating a Pandemic with Data and Mobile Phones

Here’s an interesting (and alarming) documentary from the BBC that looks at how to simulate the outbreak of a pandemic with data.

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Data Data Science

Joy of Data Documentary

The BBC has a great documentary that I have referenced several times on Data Driven. Now, it’s available on YouTube and it is well worth the watch.

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